Tyent Shower Lux 2 – Chrome w/ Massage Head


The Shower-Lux2 shower filter offers a low-profile design with our exclusive filtration media. Designed to be used with a 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead (optional), this economy filter installs easily on all standard 1/2 inch shower pipes. Shower head extension is less than 1.5 inches for ample headroom. The Slim-Line is compact but powerful in both function and performance.


Low Profile Design

“Extend-A-Path”™ Baffle System

Shower head Extension-Less than 1.5”

SHOWER LUX Filter Cartridge (Model TYSLCART)

Optional White and Chrome colors.

Cartridge Life Rating: 6 Months

Date Setting Feature for Cartridge Replacement.

What type of filter is ShowerLux?

It’s a gravity-fed filter, which allows you to shower in clean water without impacting your flow rate.

How long does the ShowerLux filter last?

3-6 months based on your source water, your family size and your water usage.

Besides the time that passes, what are 2 other ways you can you tell that it is time to change filter?

You’ll know because your hair and skin will feel different and you’ll begin to smell chlorine because your shower will revert back to a high chlorine environment.

Filter has

VERY UNIQUE “dial a date” feature on your chrome and white color shower filters.

What is the name of the key active ingredient?


Chlorgon is a proprietary and patented filtration media developed by Sprite Industries, and it works by converting chlorine into chloride. Chloragon works in a very similar manner to KDF-55 but is much more efficient at removing chlorine in high temperatures, making it an ideal media for shower water filtration.

What does Chloragon do?

Removes: Chlorine, dirt and sediment, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

What standards did Chloragon test against?

Chloragon tested against NSF/ANSI 14 and NSF/ANSI 61 standards.

What is the average household pH?

Average household PH 5.5-8.5. ShowerLux will not change the pH of your water.



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